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Unique technologies for recovery of damaged brain


Unique innovative technologies for restoration of vessels and brain


Vascular innovations

We have developed the newest technologies for visualization of vascular problems and monitoring of alterations in the vascular bed in a norm and at pathology.

The result of these developments is 100% renewal of physiology level of blood supply and retaining of the achieved result from half-year to 6 years without supported treatment.

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Owing to new knowledge and 35-years-old practical medical experience we changed the generally accepted vision about general attitude toward vascular problems and priority of metabolic disorders.

Thus, blood circulation is a basis of vital functions in the organism!

As a vascular channel runs through the human organism, and blood circulation is a basis of vital functions of the human – a vascular deficit and disorders in the cardiovascular system predetermine local problems in functioning of organs, systems and global problems at the level of the whole organism. Thus, a vascular deficit is the primary factor for forming of an illness, secondary is metabolic, neurohumoral and neurodynamic disorders!

The expert team carefully researches the vascular system and the renewal under control of instrumental diagnostics in the Clinic of healthy vessels and showed that a vascular factor is a motive in development of illnesses of the humanity. Therefore a list of most nosologies in  page We treat  related to renewal of blood supply the system.

Experts of the Veritas Research center has deernimed that disorders in the blood supply system for organs and systems in a human organism began 5-7 years prior to the clinical display of the illness. And if to detect early changes in the blood supply system, then it is possible to stop and control illness on the early stages.

35-years-old experience of development of methodologies of restoration of the blood supply of organs and systems in a human organism, developed by cor.mem of Academy of technological sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences,  Ulyana B. Lushchyk enabled newly to look at vascular problems, analyse errors and shortage in diagnostics of vascular system ( article “Why do not the diseases of CVS diminish? “) and find the real mechanisms restoration of vascular system even at the heaviest pathologies (thrombosis, embolism, aneurysm, shunts, stenosises, extravasal compressions and other).

Therefore today the Center for innovative medical technologies offers completed vascular innovative technologies for application in medical practice.

Now we offer vascular innovations for sale and traning:

  • US diagnostics of vascular channel in the brain with clinical interpretation

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  • Technology of Blind Doppler for clinical intellectuals
  • Vascular screening technology VST


  • Angiomarker technology
  • Technology of evidential angiotherapy
  • Technology for restoration of blood supply of the brain, which provides effective psycho-neurorehabilitation and positive medical result

Why should we apply these technologies of vascular innovations?

Angiomarker technology in psychoneurology

Vascular screening technology

Individual angiotherapy with instrumental monitoring

 Presentation at EPMA World Congress 2015 “Predictive biomarker patterns by capillary microscopy”