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Hemodynamic lab

Cardiovascular diseases is a disaster of XXI century

Today ? of Ukrainian population is suffering from cardiovascular pathologies and it causes death in 62.5% cases; that is much higher than in the developed countries. Recently ischemic heart disease increases in Ukraine from 10 thousands to more than 20 thousands per 100 thousands of the population. And more than 5 mln patients with hypertonic disease are registered in Ukraine.
Occupying first place by spreading cardiovascular diseases cause more than a half of all deaths and one third of disability, mainly due to uncompensated cardiovascular conditions – heart attacks and strokes (according to statistics from WHO and Ministry of Health of Ukraine).


The cardiovascular system (CVS) is an essential component for the human health as the background level of functioning of nearly all organs and systems depending on the blood supply level.

Multi-problems concerning diagnosis and treatment
1. Static examinations predominate!
2. There is not any systemic approach!
3. The venous system is not examined enough.
4. Lack of profound examinations of coordinated functioning of macro and microvessels.
5. Lack of sensitive devices to early disorders in CVS functioning.
6. One-sided CVS examination.
7. Lack of a single approach in vivo to blood as a biological and biochemical Non-Newton liquid.
8. Using absolute values as a statement of incorrect functioning of the system not taking into account parameters of reactivity and adaptation of CVS
9. Lack of profound examinations of correlation between immunodeficiency states and development of any vascular pathology causes accompanying conditions for progression and spreading of cardiovascular diseases.

Our approach to CVS examination and correction of changes

  • – individual approach to the simultaneous integrated CVS examination in a particular patient; 
  • testing the effectiveness of the treatment scheme by means of individual acute medical tests with possible correction due to feed-back options; 
  • control of the effective treatment owing to monitoring by methods of the evidence-based medicine; 
  • fixing results by transferring of CVS into physiologically stable type of functioning with restoration of the stable balance in the dynamic system.
  • A Hemodynamic Lab has been developed for integrated diagnosis of the whole cardiovascular system (macro- and microvessels). 

It enables to

  • diagnose 
  • prognosticate 
  • prevent critical states 

The complex can be realized in combination of two and more technologies and special software for the integrated one-moment analysis of the circulatory system.

Components of the Hemodynamic Lab
The hemodynamic lab combines two modern computerized devices – ultrasound doppler and smart optic capillaroscope. Combination of examinations both of macro- and microvessels enables to diagnose, prognosticate and prevent critical states.


The medical technology includes

  • hardware, 
  • software, 
  • methodology, 
  • and clinical interpretation.

Competitive Advantages

  • obtain complete information about whole cardiovascular system in one moment; 
  • compare hemodynamic parameters of macro- and microcirculation regarding synchronization of functioning in the major and peripheral vascular channels; 
  • determine hydrohemodynamic hierarchy of adaptive reconstruction; 
  • detect disorders in arteriovenous, hydro-hemodynamic, energy and mechanical balance. 

The Hemodynamic lab can be applied at

  • functional diagnostic departments; 
  • intensive therapy wards in cardiological, cardiosurgical, angioneurological and vascular neurosurgical departments for monitoring patients’ state; 
  • neurology, child’s neurology and angioneurology departments; 
  • departments and operating blocks of vascular surgery, cardiosurgery and vascular neurosurgery; 
  • maternity hospitals and perinatal centers; 
  • resuscitation departments. 

Economic benefits

Low cost per diagnostic services ensures maximum quality and adequacy of treatment

  • Reduces a period of treatment on 30-50% 
  • Increases efficiency of treatment in 2-3 times

Current stage of development:

  • The research stage of the medical technology development has been successfully started
  • We are testing the software system for practical use currently

What we need:

Investment for improvement of the innovative medical technology for manufacturing of 3 and more component model

  1. designing of commercial prototype 
  2. promotion in the market



It is a profitable business!

Let’s make the healthy population together!