Provide turnkey technology for vascular screening


Unique technologies for recovery of damaged brain


Unique innovative technologies for restoration of vessels and brain



The medical care includes:

  •  comprehensive integrated clinical and instrumental examination of patients of neuropsychiatric and vascular profile;
  • individual selection of medicinal adequate treatment;
  • necessary psychological correction and rehabilitation.

This approach makes it possible to effectively treat seriously ill patients, improve the condition of patients with a combination of different diagnoses and improve their quality of life.

  • Severe patients require profound examination of the cardiovascular system, brain and spinal cord, internal organs, musculoskeletal system to determine treatment strategy. Particular attention should be paid to changes in the cardiovascular system. It is very important for the prevention of acute crisis that can occur in critically ill.
  • After a comprehensive check-up the results of instrumental diagnostics and conclusions the experts discuss the treatment plan, then it is agreed with the patient or his relatives, complete all necessary documents for legal support, and begin the healing process.
  • The duration of treatment and power loads are estimated according to the individual capabilities of the patient. The treatment is conducted with permanent monitoring of vital body functions.

It should be emphasized that patients, who considered as incurable by medical canons, in fact, need permanent neurorehabilitation work and regular progressive formation of new or renewal of lost functions of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system for a long time (from two to six years). Sustainable positive result can be achieved only due to long-term rehabilitation.

We apply new techniques that accelerate achievement the treatment goal in three to five times compared with traditional methods and significantly increase the efficiency and stability of the results

Numerous unique techniques have protected patents

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