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Istyna – Veritas Research Center 

1. Why Veritas research center for vascular innovations?

Specialists of the Veritas Research center (Veritas RC) have ascertained that disorders in the blood supply system of the human organs and systems begin 5-7 years prior to the clinical display of the illness. And if one can detect early changes in the blood supply system then it is possible to stop and control illness on the early stages.

35-year research of blood supply restoration for human organs and systems developed by Ulyana B Lushchyk, associated member of the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Medicine, enabled to make a fresh view at vascular problems, analyse mistakes and deficiency in diagnostics of vascular system (article “Why the diseases of CVS” do not diminish today) and find the real mechanisms for restoration of blood circulation even with the most serious pathologies (thrombosis, embolism, aneurysm, shunts, stenoses, exravasal compressions etc).

Therefore today the Center for innovative medical technologies offers vascular innovative technologies for medical practice. It has been published scientific products: 16 monographs, over 200 articles, 9 Ukrainian patents and 1 Russian patent. 

Veritas research center has been transformed into the center of vascular innovations, as in practice it has proved efficiency of the newest technologies even in seriously sick.

Our vascular innovations are based on thorough knowledge about nature and problems of vascular diagnostics. The Center has analysed positive and negative aspects of the application of modern vascular technologies from positions of end-point of their application and offered the time-tested technologies for vascular diagnostics and personalised treatment of the educed vascular pathology.

Istyna Research center was established in 1996, its work was based on the unique technology for research of arteries and veins in the brain, protected by a patent of Ukraine № 10262 A as of 19.07.95.

Due to practical application of this technology in own clinic, it was succeeded to put beginning to new direction in diagnostics and medical, evidential and personalised treatment of vascular and angioneurological patients.

Combination of research center and clinical base enabled to implement innovations in life, which allowed newly understanding of vascular pathology in patients with headaches, epilepsy, convulsive syndromes, autism, comatose states and other psychoneurological and vascular pathology which was recently considered less-curable.

2. Scientific leaders in Veritas RC 


For 35 years Ulyana B. Lushchyk, associated member of ATS of Ukraine, Doctor of Medicine, has been working under the problems of vascular diagnostics and treatment on the basis of evidential medicine and is a scientific leader on the biomedical problems in Veritas RC.  


For 20 years Viktor V. Novytskyy, a scientific leader on biophysical problems, a head of department of analytical mechanics in Institute of mathematics of NAS of Ukraine, Prof, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, has been engaged in mathematical modelling of hydro- and hemodynamics in Veritas RC. 

For this time we made sure that success stories of treatment even of seriously sick were the result of precision of our scientific approach to creation of the technologies. In fact, positive clinical result – recovery is the display of viability of our unique technologies. Today due to these vascular technologies we successfully treat long-term coma, vegetative state (appalic syndrome), ICP, autism, epilepsy, thromboses and many other illnesses which are considered in the world as incurable.


3. What are the directions of Veritas RC?

• Research work under own projects 

• Creation of new universal technologies “from an idea to an industrial prototype”
• Investment-innovative projects in medical technologies
• Sale of turn-key medical technologies registered in Ukraine with maximal benefit and utility for a potential consumer – medical establishment and end-user – patient

4. What is the mission of Veritas RC?

– Availability of new knowledge both for doctors and medical staff which love their profession and possess treatment art
– Available and professional help to specialists of medical instrument-making, which have own ideas or ready to help to realize our ideas.
– Improvement of quality of life of vascular and psychoneurological patients.

5. Short history of creation and development

Veritas Research center is a new life cycle of Istyna Research center, which since 1996 has actively worked in Ukraine, and since 2005 come on an international level. In 2008 “Istyna” was renamed in Veritas Research center as a result of transformation.

Almost 20-year experience of Research center as a core of the newest knowledge is the standard for successful implementation of new scientific knowledge in practical work of our Clinic of Vascular Innovations and Center for innovative medical technologies for achievement of success in treatment and in practice of realization of innovative products.

The creaated medical cluster of Victoria Veritas group of companies is a standard for successful creation “turn-key” unique and effective medical technologies – technical example, analytical software for intellect of doctor-expert and mathematical models, methodology and clinical interpretation. Also we offer corresponding professional literature, full-time and distant training, warranty and post-warranty service, constant internet-accompaniment of serious cases in order to restore quality of health of the world population.