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Innovations in Ukraine and world

Development of innovative technologies in the world
Who is a leader today?

Now the USA is a leader in creation and implementation of innovations.
It is proved by:

  • number of registered patents and expenses for R&D, 
  • number of innovative start-ups
  • and development of venture companies. 

However other countries have been competing with the USA focusing on the following components:

  • Science improvement, 
  • Engineer and mathematic education.
  • Involvement of highly educated immigrants.
  • Increase in governmental costs for research.
  • Tax advantages.

Innovative technologies in Ukraine
According to the most of scientific experts innovative activities in Ukraine are considered as critical and non-complying with modern level of innovative processes in industrially advanced countries and with needs of innovative development.
Ukraine belongs to the group of countries with very low rate of highly technological products in export (5%) while the average world’s rate is 21% (Philippines — 65%, Ireland — 41%, USA — 32%, Russia — 13%).

Problems of innovative development in Ukraine

  • disconnection between research and business
  • low support of commercialization
  • necessity to create an enabling environment for development of research and business 

Features of an innovative enterprise in Ukraine

  • most of novations are focused on science and technology as on the goal in itself but not the basis for capitalization
  • most of novations are not ready for venture mechanism – there is no profound market analysis, business strategy or model, plan and budget of measures
  • qualification deficit of innovative enterprises

Analysis of innovative development tendencies in Ukraine.

  • Creation of favourable market conditions for implementation of innovations in production activity and people’s life;
  • Gradual increase in budget financing for needs of scientific-technical development;
  • Formation of potential factors for increase in demand for innovative products in domestic economy;
  • Rise of competition at home and foreign markets making enterprises to understand the importance of innovative production redirection;
  • Activation of Ukrainian manufacturers’ participation in competition at outer markets that advance additional rigid demands on their innovative adequacy;
  • Increase in Ukrainian scientists’ orders from foreigners for research activity, including the USA and the EU countries. It confirms fundamental science potential is not lost.