Provide turnkey technology for vascular screening


Unique technologies for recovery of damaged brain


Unique innovative technologies for restoration of vessels and brain


Scientific management in medicine

The state policy on the innovative system development in Ukraine is best given in the law of Ukraine “On Innovative Activities” and terminologically defined as follows:

Innovations are newly created (used) and (or) improved competitive technologies, products or services, and also organizational-technical solutions of production, commercial or other type, which largely enhance structure and quality of production and (or) social sphere”.

The chief criterion of medical establishment marketing today, in the time of market economy and economical crisis, is the quality competition.
A patient evaluates an ultimate result – healing.
Medical institutions compete with each other on medical technologies.

A medical establishment’s product is returning the patient’s health and duration of the obtained treatment effect.
The patient and his relatives evaluate the quality of medical services by the complex characteristic:

  • attention to the patient, 
  • time of taking a decision by medical staff, 
  • accessibility, 
  • service effectiveness and patient’s satisfaction with the service, 
  • service exclusiveness. 

Medical establishment is a manufacturing enterprise demanding modern methods of administration, management and marketing.
Innovations in medical management:

  • time management
  • logistics
  • project management 

Current mechanisms of integration of new knowledge into a real economy

Implementation is an ill-fated child of administrative-command system.
It worked in MIS only.
Civil economy avoided it like a black death.

Transfer is an Utopian version of implementation. Perhaps, we will pay for the thing, which didn’t want to take for free.

Venture – “one must howl with the wolves…”. A high risk for a competitive triumph and extra high profits.

Prognostic criteria of science and commercialization capacities

  • Scientific works and patents as conformation of the high level of technological development
  • The main part of patents is allocated by the governmental sector as opposed to the world practice: 83% of patents are registered by the private sector
  • First-rate concepts and projects but use and implementation are disappointing
  • Lack of knowledge and skills in scientific ideas commercialization.

“Spin-offs” of new enterprises (Spin-Offs and Spin-Outs)
Variants of scientific ideas commercialization:

  • Spin-offs – ideas separation from educational and scientific-research establishments.
  • Spin-outs- ideas separation from business sector. 

Both forms can also be performed as independent new innovative companies (Start-ups) as well as license agreements.

Innovation business incubator is a specialized business incubator providing favourable conditions of technology development and usage for small and medium businesses.

Chief barriers of business incubator development:

  • Lack of legislative basis of business incubator activities;
  • Lack of appropriate premises;
  • Low informativity of local managing directors on business incubators capacities in business region development;
  • Reluctance of HEI executives to solve the problem of student employment using methods and technologies of business incubation.

Chief tasks on support of innovative technologies development in Ukraine

  • promotion of innovative enterprises development
  • provision of the informational access to the latest technologies and scientific-technical novations for entrepreneurs
  • promotion of ‘technology-production sector’ transfer
  • improvement of small enterprises’ competitiveness
  • support of implementation of import-replacing technologies at enterprises
  • improvement of entrepreneurs’ knowledge of quality management, environment and food safety, implementation of the European experience in ISO quality management, series 9000, 14000 etc. 

Innovative activity priorities in Ukraine should be aimed at:

  • formation of science absorbing industries;
  • promotion of innovative structure creation and function (technoparks, incubators etc.);
  • creation of competitive processing plants;
  • technological and technical renovation of basic branches of economy and country;
  • implementation of highly profitable innovation-investment projects, performance of which can provide quick returns and lay the basis for progressive changes in production structure and tendencies of its development.