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Unique technologies for recovery of damaged brain


Unique innovative technologies for restoration of vessels and brain


Medical innovations in Ukraine

Innovative technologies in Ukraine
According to the most of scientific experts innovative activities in Ukraine are considered as critical and non-complying with modern level of innovative processes in industrially advanced countries and with needs of innovative development.

The place of Ukraine among the world’s innovative technologies
According to international financial organizations published in special editions, Ukraine belongs to the group of countries with very low rate of highly technological products in export (5%) while the average world’s rate is 21% (Philippines — 65%, Ireland — 41%, USA — 32%, Russia — 13%).

Problems of innovative development in Ukraine

  • disconnection between research and business
  • low support of commercialization
  • necessity to create an enabling environment for development of research and business 
  • most of novations are focused on science and technology as on the goal in itself but not the basis for capitalization
  • most of novations are not ready for venture mechanism – there is no profound market analysis, business strategy or model, plan and budget of measures
  • qualification deficit of innovative enterprises

Three most typical models of reproductive economic process:

  • resource model without high technological production (natural resources? production ? money);
  • innovative model (transformation of money for research into knowledge ? transformation of knowledge into worker professionalism and innovations ? transformation of innovations into products ? money); 
  • intellectual-donor model (short variant of model (ІІ), production stage is removed).