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From Novations to Innovations

Why Novations and Innovations?

At first sight, these two terms are very similar and consonant. But they are quite different:

  • novations are newly made technologies offered on the market (ideas, intellectual products).
  • innovations are time-proved, life-adapted, ready-made intellectual products possessing all the product attributes (price, value, package and content).  

Vital cycle of innovative technologies

Innovative technologies are extremely new or improved technologies that largely enhance production conditions or are products themselves.
They are usually characterized by:

  • low capital capacity,
  • high ecological compatibility,
  • less  energy demands.

Technological component of innovative technologies

Today medicine has got modern technologies and latest approaches to organ and system visualization largely improving separating power of received images, enhancing visual perception for doctors by changing black and white images to  color, native and volume ones, which are maximally close to the real picture of a pathology.
They also increase informativity of a received image several-fold and largely enhance interpretation  accuracy.

Informational component of innovative technologies

  • image archiving in paper and electronic formats; 
  • printing and sending them via communicative nets in order to deliver them to a patient by e-mail; 
  • usage of Internet technologies for distant conсiliums, discussion of current issues within telemedicine program; 
  • formation of e-libraries and websites of methodological contents for better mastering and advanced study of a definite medical technology; 
  • formation of local nets and distant communication of doctors from a workplace;
  • as opposed to past technical medical units, which had proprietary software as an advantage, the modern medical equipment is characterized by open-source softwares; 
  • formation of electronic media for distance learning, video tutorials on hard media and distance videocourses, e-books. 
  • creation of e-databases, e-atlases of pathological samples within some medical technology.

Social component of innovative technologies

  • it influences a new cultural layer – informational that means an ability to be a goal-oriented worker, who uses computed informational technologies, modern technical tools and methods to get, process and send the information.
  • it promotes distribution of a new term “net etiquette”; 
  • creation of expert diagnostic systems with automatic static analysis; 
  • implementation of evidence-based medicine fundamentals, where the main idea of the medical and managerial decision is an objective real fact only.

Chief tasks of innovative technologies development in Ukraine

  • promotion of innovative enterprises development
  • provision of the informational access to the latest technologies and scientific-technical novations for entrepreneurs
  • promotion of ‘technology-production sector’ transfer
  • improvement of small enterprises’ competitiveness
  • support of implementation of import-replacing technologies at enterprises
  • improvement of entrepreneurs’ knowledge of quality management, environment and food safety, implementation of the European experience in ISO quality management, series 9000, 14000 etc.