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Unique technologies for recovery of damaged brain


Unique innovative technologies for restoration of vessels and brain


General concepts

One of the main ways to achieve the chief goals of the national economy as well as an individual enterprise at market economy conditions is a company’s innovative strategy and innovative management.

Innovative strategy of a company includes taking decisions on orientation of scientific researches and engineering projects, usage of gained results and financing in order to obtain the long-term strategic economic goals.

Conditions and content of the innovative strategy formation are influenced by:

  • the leaders’ view of innovations (new developments);
  • innovative management system
  • sphere of fundamental and applied researches;
  • results evaluation;
  • invention;
  • patents;
  • investments;
  • company’s innovative potential.

Investments provide the dynamic development of an enterprise and enable to solve the following tasks:

  • Expansion of an own business using accumulation of financial and material resources;
  • Purchase of new enterprises;
  • Diversification (new business sphere mastering).

High rates of company’s growth can be provided, on the one hand, by selection of high-yield investment projects and, on the other hand, by accelerated implementation of investment programs. In turn, maximization of investment profit is often followed by rise of investment risks. It means these rates must be mutually-optimized. Minimization of investment risks must provide the company’s financial stability and paying capacity during investment activity performance.

Innovative technologies are extremely new or improved technologies that largely enhance production conditions or are products themselves.
They are usually characterized by:

  • low capital capacity,
  • high ecological compatibility,
  • less energy demands.