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Unique innovative technologies for restoration of vessels and brain



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Veritas Research Center conducts full-time and distance training of the following technologies:

Within a few minutes communicating with a patient, a doctor receives vascular status and is able to differentiate in screening mode any vascular pathogenesis of the existing nosology. The physician should personally monitor the process for the successful outcome of the treatment.

A capillaroscope on your desktop enables you to view the life of your vessels non-invasively and quickly and make an effective decision on time.

We conduct courses on vascular screening:

  • Fundamentals of Capillaroscopy Methodology (basic course)
  • Applied Aspects of Smart Vascular Screening Technology

Many diseases have their specific patterns depending on the injured organ and the stage of the disease development, so currently capillaroscopy and vascular screening is a tool of evidence-based medicine for monitoring and treatment in the specializations.

Integrated check-up of the vascular system as an integral system of the closed arteriovenous-capillary tube – with its stability, elasticity of the vascular wall, vascular tone, hydrophility of the surrounding tissue. Instrumental objectification, modelling, planning of personalized treatment, prediction of vascular pathology risks.


Personalized techniques for restoration of nervous system functions by combining medical effects to restore the nervous system and blood supply for the brain, personalized complex work of doctors, rehabilitation team and medical staff by methods and under the supervision of Ulyana Lushchyk, MD, Prof., Academician of ATS.

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Additional Information:

  • Courses may be standard or individual, adjusted to the specific doctor / intern / sub-specialty specialization.
  • Duration of training – 14 days
  • Place of study – (for full-time form) 4, Academician Williams Str. , Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Mandatory pre-approval of the course schedule and full payment of the course (s) for 10 calendar days before the start of study. *
  • Courses include lectures, practical classes, seminars, and individual work,
  • a Certificate is issued after completion,

* Payment is made on the company account. After completing the full course payment, you are given access to Google Calendar classes and access to lectures.

The distance courses provide the following format of work:

1st day: getting access to the lecture, a test for filling and submission;

2nd day: getting access to the lecture, a test for filling and submission;

Submit tests to e-mail at CONTACTS for check.

3rd – 14th day: online seminars, lectures, independent work, analysis of removed capillaries in various medical fields.

The full-time form of training involves the following format of work:

1st day:  students undergo diagnostic examination “vascular screening”, lectures;

2nd day: lectures, seminar;

3rd – 14th day: lectures, practical classes, individual work and seminars.

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Запис на курс