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Veritas Research Center conducts full-time and distance training of the following technologies:

Within a few minutes communicating with a patient, a doctor receives vascular status and is able to differentiate in screening mode any vascular pathogenesis of the existing nosology. The physician should personally monitor the process for the successful outcome of the treatment.

A capillaroscope on your desktop enables you to view the life of your vessels non-invasively and quickly and make an effective decision on time.

We conduct courses on vascular screening:

  • Fundamentals of Capillaroscopy Methodology (basic course)
  • Applied Aspects of Smart Vascular Screening Technology


Many diseases have their specific patterns depending on the injured organ and the stage of the disease development, so currently capillaroscopy and vascular screening is a tool of evidence-based medicine for monitoring and treatment in the specializations.

The course “Basic principles of Capillaroscopy” is divided into 2 parts:

1. Theory – online course (access to lectures is provided),

2. Practical course – practice takes place on the basis of the Clinic of Vascular Innovations at Kyiv, Ac. Williams Str. 4. The practical course lasts for 5 days. The course is conducted by the author of the vascular screening technology, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine U.B. Lushchyk.

the COURSE of USD of the regional cerebral reservoir (arteries, veins of the neck and head)

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Запис на курс