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Diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of soldiers wounded in ATO area at cost price


Veritas Scientific Center and Clinic of Healthy Vessels have developed a line of prices for diagnostics,treatment and rehabilitation of people injured in course of ATO at cost price as part of the project “Returning life quality to soldiers wounded in ATO area”.

This project includes consultation services as follows (by previous appointment):

  • Free – oral or distance on-line consultation for rehabilitation centers on supervision of soldiers wounded in ATO area ( For other people – 250 hrn.)
  • Free – integrated diagnostics of injured militants from ATO – every 14th day of a month (For other people – 5 examinations from 2550 hrn.)
  • Intensive course of personified integrated treatment and psychoneurorehabilitation – by diagnostic examination’s results


Special prices for soldiers wounded in ATO area for monthly course of treatment and psychoneurorehabilitation:

The treatment course price includes medication cost, diagnostics, monitoring, rehabilitation – at cost price. The sums are generalized in order to reduce follow up expenses. To provide the minimal price-result principle we follow our main working rule: “Work for a positive ultimate result”.

To make planning of treatment courses for all wounded people from ATO zone convenient we nominally divide them into 3 categories by complexity of treatment and rehabilitation work.
Approximate prices for a 30-day course of intensive treatment, neurodynamic correction and psychoneurorehabilitation are (psychologist, speech therapist, kinesitherapist, massage):

  • 3rd category – moderately severe – 400hrn/day*30 days = 12 000 hrn. 
  • 2nd category – medium severity – 600hrn./day*30 days = 18 000 hrn. 
  • 1st – the most severe – 800hrn./day*30 days = 24 000 hrn.

Treatment may take 1-3 months for patients of the 3rd category and 1-6-12 months – for patients of the 2nd and 1st categories. 

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