Provide turnkey technology for vascular screening


Unique technologies for recovery of damaged brain


Unique innovative technologies for restoration of vessels and brain


Full-time and distant training

Istyna-Veritas research center is a legal owner of unique innovative technologies which are developed and successfully tested  on the base of the Center since 1996.

Near two decades of practical applications of the technology for analytic vascular diagnostics has positive recommendations due to:

  • high authenticity (informing – 98%, specificity of vascular disfunction – 88%),
  • unique opportunity for early preclinical diagnostics of vascular diseases,
  • non-invasive modelling of different vascular subcompensated states with an output on an individual treatment plan and rehabilitation,
  • prediction of treatment efficiency for a certain patient,
  • reduction of time of rehabilitation of psychoneurological patients in the process of intensive neurorehabilitation in 3-5 times due to renewal of the adequate level of blood supply in the brain and in the whole organism.

As circulation is basis of vital activity of the human, then all medical and rehabilitation processes in the organism of a patient must start  with renewal of blood supply individually for every patient.

All technologies have been tested for the efficiency at the Clinic of Healthy Vessels that enables to

  • increase treatment rate in 2-3 times,
  • for 1-2 weeks to attain renewal of the physiological parameters of blood circulation,
  • for 1-4 months at acute conditions to stabilize and retain the level of the reached result for a year,
  • to reduce a total cost and duration of treatment up to 1-3 months even at heavy vascular pathologies.

Specialist of Veritas Research center hold full-time and distant training of the newest technologies for physicians of USD, functional diagnosticians, neurologists and psychiatrists, rehabilitation teams.

Duration of training from 1,5 hour ( webinars-internet lectures) and practical trainings (from 2 weeks to 1 month).

Costs from 300 $ per webinar and from 1000$ per 1 educational course.

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